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Enjoyed the facilities very much. First time my small dogs sniff around but stay close to me. There are chairs in each side (Small or big dogs) for owners to sit while their fur babies play. Or they have wonderful lounge away [from] dogs if you want to relax or study. I want to go back when some other little dogs are there.

- Phyllis Grubb

The owners are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you and your furry friends. The grass is so life like and the facility has been meticulously created for the best experience ever. Furry Friends Stay and Play.

- William Philpott

Such a great, fun, family friendly atmosphere for you and your dogs. The staff is great as well!

- Aaron Bangel

We love Furry Friends! Our Henry has a great time is always tuckered out when he gets home!

- Lisha Canter

Great place to take your dog(s)! Very friendly staff

- Aaron David Bangel

We are very thankful for the help Eddie has given us with our German Shepherd Dog. He has helped her with socializing with other dogs. The facility is a big and plenty of room for her to run and fetch. The dog houses added to the play area are great if your dog might like to take a nap. The water fountains are an excellent feature. We look forward to being able to bring our dog back for play and fun. I love that they have a daycare option.
Over all this has been a pleasant experience all around.

- Cassondra Merriman

I took my corgi and 11 week old puppy there and it is SO nice! The owner really cares about dogs. The facility is new and clean and it’s an awesome set up. My doggies had an absolute blast. looking forward to coming back again!

- Loganne Vincent

Amazing place for you to relax and let your dogs run and play!

- Hayli Ann McQueen

We took our anxious dog today and in one session-Eddie made progress. We enrolled her into his Good Behavior training.

Let’s all support this local business.

- Julie Giver Ashland

Today was our first visit! Prim (my half grown St. Bernard) loved it. especially the waterfall pond. We don't have many opportunities to socialize except for her cat. This is the perfect spot to grow and learn! We'll definitely be back again,again, and again.
Thank you for moving to our area. Much, much needed

- Lynda Pierce

This place is awesome. plenty of room for everyone to run around and play. Eddie is a great guy and an awesome trainer!! He has helped our GSD become more accustomed to other dogs. I highly recommend them!

- Michael Glenn Merriman

Our dogs had a blast! super clean and really great atmosphere! we will be back!

- Michele Goodwin Carman

Great idea, my dog loves all of the space to run and all of the tennis balls to play with!

- Samantha Moore

Love the places and it close to home

- Amanda Andrews

We had such a great time here yesterday! I’m actually not sure if my pup or the 4 yo had more fun! We will definitely be back again. ☺️

- Erica Page Grove

Allows your babies to run and play while interacting with other dogs.

- Tracy Poland

Furry Friends has an amazing facility! The owner genuinely cares about dogs and has created a unique place for them to run, play and spend time with their humans.

-Caitlyn Hymer

Denver had a blast today we most certainly will be back. Friendly staff huge place for the pups to run.
can’t wait to celebrate Denvers birthday here.

- Kaggie Kendall

Niko had a great time and has been completely worn out since getting home!!!! win win!

-Sandi Viau

My little girl has stayed and played!! She loved it! Eddie and all the staff are great! Attentive and interactive. Facility is clean and fresh!! We will visit often.

Sarah, the goldendoodle has stayed and played a few times now! She loves to run and play with her new friends! I love that when I pick her up, she has used up all her energy, she is clean, she has been inside all day, and I can enjoy my time away from her knowing she is safe and in good hands!! 
I love this place! Eddie and Shawna are the best!

-Julie Clay

Absolutely wonderful and very much needed in Mooresville!!! I love the big open spaces my boxers can run in! The extended hours (compared to other boarding facilities) is a huge plus for our family! If you haven’t already, please take your furkids here! You will not be disappointed!

-Lisa Shanelle Maher-Wheeler

Did something different today and took Whiskey to doggy daycare while I was at work, and I’m very pleased!! 👏🏽☺️
This place has a great area for dogs to run, play and have fun with other dogs. A water fountain for open water breaks, baby pools filled with balls, ropes, dog beds, houses for nap time and good hours of operation! 
They also offer cage free boarding, a dog park (where you can stay also) and even birthday parties! For the people that love their fur babies like me, I’d definitely look into this place! ❤️🐾 Thank you guys for taking care of my baby!!
- Morgan Rees

I highly recommend this place! The owner really has a passion for dogs. He interacts and his training skills are amazing. No crating ever!
- Tamie Vitek- Williams

Great place! Folks should stop by and check out!
-Steve Gailar

The best thing to ever happen to Mooresville and our dogs! We have tried to get a dog park in the past, and our town refuse to do it, so here we go! The facility is excellent, clean , plenty of play area, and many options to give your dog a a great time, and know that he is safe and in capable hands. Comfort furniture for the humans also.
As a lifelong dog owner I am so happy now that we can enjoy our dogs at furry Friends .
A great big thank you to mr. Owen, owner, for making this happen for all of us to have fun🐾🐾

-Bobbie Brackemyer

Finally! A place that will actually wear out my boxers! It’s a large enough space they can run at full speed! We absolutely love this one of a kind doggy daycare and boarding facility!

-Lisa W

Our puppies love it there! So nice knowing your dogs are not in a cage all day!

- Becky Hessong

Our baby girl loves playing with other dogs

-Rachel Putnam Johnson

Our dog molly loves furry friends!

-Jamie Clark

Eddie has been great with our rescue dog Peanut. He was pretty nervous around other animals, so imagine my surprise and joy to come pick him up from his first full day of daycare and he's already hanging out with the other dogs! The facility and team are great and my little guy is happily worn out by the time I pick him up.

-Sarah Oliveira

My mom and I took our dogs (labradoodle and miniature schnauzer) to Furry Friends and had an exceptional experience. The facility itself is huge and offers ample space for the pups to run and play on super soft turf. There is plenty of sitting areas both inside the park area and outside so the humans can relax, get coffee, or even do some work while the pups play.

They also offer daycare - you can drop off you pup anytime during the day if you are going to be out running errands, or bring them early in the morning and pick them up after work. The owners have a great vision for the park moving forward including a hydro therapy pool, a vet clinic, and even dog yoga!!

The humans will love the bright, inviting atmosphere with zero mud, and the pups will love the socialization. You will leave with a tired pooch! Highly recommend.

- Hannah Shelton

Great atmosphere, great owners. anyones dog big, small, or puppy will definitely enjoy and be exhausted.

- Dusty Nielsen

We took our dog there today and she loved it. She is tired and a tired dog is a good dog!

- Nanette Gillum Jeffers

LOVE this place!! It’s so exciting to have something like this close now! It’s so much fun and a great atmosphere.

- Halie Gardner

Our dog loves going to the dog park and recently went to daycare. MoPi came home wore out and had a blast!

- Misty Nielsen

My dogs had a great time both times we’ve been. Totally worn out. Not just a daycare but a dog park where you can stay and hang out with your dogs as long as you want.

- Cheryl Hensley Spires

We love it here! Maci has plenty of room to run and play with other dogs, while I can get on my iPad and catch up on email and Facebook, thanks to their free internet.

All the staff love dogs and enjoy caring for and playing with them. Maci is always exhausted when she gets home, which makes mom happy! 👏🏻😁❤️🐾🐾

- Vicki Taylor

Mabel is so tired from today, she fell asleep sitting up! Thanks for wearing her out!

- Mauria Beck Smith

LOVE this place. Friendly staff, friendly dog owners, lots of space and fun toys!

- Alisha Shultz

The facility and staff are fantastic. My dog Asher had a great time and we will be going back soon.

- Susie Woods

Ebi loves this place! We’ll be back next weekend!

- Mindy Taylor

New, kennel free place for the dogs to run and have fun and get socialized...definitely recommend

- Denny Anderson

Absolutely love this place! Awesome people and an awesome idea!! My dogs are my babies so I am very picky with where they go to daycare, and Furry Friends went above and beyond my expectations! Will be back for sure!

- Bre Mahan

Awesome facility!! I definitely want to bring my babies back! They had so much fun running free!

-Madison Chapman

Love this and it’s so close to home!! Will be back frequently 🐾🖤📸

-Brittanie Swain

We have two puppies: a German Shepherd and a yellow lab. They are both very high energy! They clearly enjoyed doggy daycare here. Our shepherd loves the sprinkler! It’s nice that they are open until 9pm! Most other places close around 6pm.

-Mandy Scamacca

Henry loves Furry Friends!! I love that we now have such a wonderful facility in the area! Amazing concept, friendly owner!!

-Stephanie Marie Aguilar

Super friendly staff! Took my corgi and baby goldendoodle and they loved it and had a great time! The facility is excellent and exceeded my expectations!

-Taylor Deeo

This is just what we needed in Mooresville! It is a great place to get your dog’s energy out and is so much fun. Our dog absolutely loves it!

It is very clean and well run. The owners really care about dogs and watch out for each and every dog who comes to play.

-LaDonna Brown

We had an adoption party for our pup this evening and it was so perfect! I highly recommend for all your pup parties! ❤️❤️

-Chelsea Faulkenberg

My buddy Casper had a blast! Our back yard has been so muddy lately, and Furry Friends gave him a great place to run off his energy without tracking mud everywhere. We'll definitely be back.
- Amanda Lenz

We love going to play. Both my dogs have a blast and come home tired.
- Carri Steunenberg Gruver

Brought my three dogs to Furry Friends Stay & Play for the dog park. Very large area for the dogs to play. All artificial turf. 2 filtered drinking fountains. Air conditioned. Cage free. Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable.
- Taylor Shane Gibson

Fun for you and the fur kids rain or shine. Best part is you get to play too! 5 stars!
-Jake Wheeler

Great place! Luna loves going to the dog park and playing with the other dogs.
- Trista Cole

Great people and a great innovative idea for dog daycare/boarding! Our dog, Boomer, loves going for a day of play here.

- David Amstutz

Thank you for taking care of our boy while we went on vacation! He seemed to have had a great time. You have a pretty awesome doggie wonderland set up there 🐕

-Kara Saleeb

We boarded our 4month old boxer mix this past weekend here. Eddie is great, you can tell he truly loves his job and all of the dogs!i love that its kennel free too!our girl came home and immediately passed out.we will be returning for her to play and for boarding! thank you!!!

-Billie Jo Lewallen

Took our dog Lewis for the dog park today. The facility is awesome and the staff was great! Lewis will definitely be visiting again soon!

-Sarah Gilbert Hardesty

I can't say enough great things about this place! My boy came home happy, healthy and tired❤ I highly recommend!

-Shannon O’Connell

One tired little dog comes home and I know he hasn’t barked all day with anxiety

-Geneva Huffman

These kind, caring people at this new facility in Mooresville, really take a lot of time with the pets. They're very thoughtful and they're planning of things that pets would like while staying there. They do everything they can to make them comfortable and happy. This is a wonderful safe place to leave your pets.

-R Sheridan